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Dozenal Review

Dozenal Review *22(1969)
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Dozenal Journal ten (1992)
Dozenal Journal eleven (1997, last)

Other authors (PDF)

The Case against Decimalisation by Professor Aitken
Dozens Arithmetic for Everyone by B.A.M.Moon
Modular Counting by P.D.Thomas
Two-Way Notation by J.Halcro Johnston; two-way notation and how it can be used with base twelve

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DSGB Aims & Principles
DSGB Aims (short)
Twelves and Tens" Professor Aitken
Twelves v. Tens
Base Twelve and the Primes by Don Hammond
Foresight Contribution by A.F.Whillock
Educational Comments
Percents Cartoons: some cartoons taken from one of our workbooks

In PDF format:

Polygons gives reasons why base twelve is better than other bases, with reference to polygons
Primes back to front explores prime reversals (eg 79 and 97) with Two-Way Notation
Prime forms (different bases and in general)