Historical units

Scottish Units

Ref.: A Complete System of Practical Arithmetic, 1869, (Scottish School-Book Association)

Scotch Dry Measure
lip4 lippies = 1 peck
pks4 pecks = 1 firlot
fir4 furlots = 1 boll
b4 bols = 1 quarter (qr)
LippiesPeck ScotchImperial
41Firlot 1 lip½ gallon
1641Boll 1 peck1 peck
641641Qr 1 firlot1 bushel
12832821...1 boll =½ qr
Scotch Money
2 pennies1 bodleone-sixth penny sterling
4 pennies1 plack or groatone-third penny sterling
6 pennies1 bawbee1 halfpenny sterling
12 pennies1 shilling1 penny sterling
20 shillings>1 pound1s 8d sterling
13s 4d1 mark1s 1 and 1/3d sterling
to reduce Scotch money to Sterling, divide by 12
Scotch Weights
These were the Tron and Troy weights thus divided
16 drops1 oz
16 oz1 lb
16 lb1 stone
The oz Tron was equal 641·6337 Imp. troy grains
The oz Troy was equal 478·309 Imp. Troy grains

Scotch Lineal and Land Measure

The Scotch ell was divided into 37 inches; and, though it has been found by accurate measurement to be equal to37·0598 Imperial inches, yet it seems generally understood that it was meant to be equal to 37 Eng. or Imp. inches; 6 ells made a fall, and 4 falls, or 24 ells, made a chain. And in Land measure, 36 sq. ells = 1 sq. fall, 40 falls = 1 rood, 4 roods = 1 acre. As the Scotch chain has long been made equal to 74 Imp. feet

Scotch Liquid Measure
Cub. InchImp. Gall.Imp. pint
1 gill6·51270·02350·19
4 gills1 mutchkin26·05090·09390·75
2 mutchkins1 chopin52·10170·18791·50
2 chopins1 pint104·20340·37583·01
2 pints1 quart208·40680·75166·01
4 quarts1 gallon833·6273·0065
8 gallons1 barrel

(Ed: Imperial Pints column added)

Scotch Wheat Measure
Cub. InchImp. Gall.
1 lippie183·3950·49913
4 lippies1 peck533·5811·99651
4 pecks1 firlot2214·3227·98605
4 firlots1 boll8857·28931·94419
16 bolls1 chalder
The wheat firlot contained 21-1/4 Scotch pints, and was used for wheat, pease, beans, rye and salt
Scotch Barley Measure
Cub. InchImp. Gall.
1 lippie201·8940·72814
4 lippies1 peck807·5762·91256
4 pecks1 firlot3230·30511·65023
4 firlots1 boll12921·22246·60094
16 bolls1 chalder
The barley firlot contained 31 Scotch pints, and was used for barley, malt and oats.