A new musical notation

by Christian Pörksen

Well-Tempered Music is probably next to the clock the most common practical application of the duodecimal principle in current use.

We describe our proposals for the recording of well-tempered music with "Hamburg Music Notation" and inform you that there is a commercial software available from arpege music for all notations that are based on twelve digits that can represent Numbered Notation (Jianpu) and Standard Notation simultaneously.

First, we comment on the article on the homepage of DSGB Dozenal Society of Great Britain, Music á la Dozen, author: Tom Pendlebury, chapter applications, title: Music, Scales, and secondly on the article, author: Dr. John Impagliazzo available as pdf by the DSA Dozenal Society of America, chapter articles and books.

Please download the pdf file containing our ideas, Hamburg Music Notation