Just push the button ...

A Dozenal Calculator

We′ve been asked for a calculator
and at last someone′s made one for us!

No, it's not this one, but a real one...

And here is what it looks like,
on the screen:

(NB: This is for Windows; there is no Mac version.)

The display shows the value of π in base twelve.

The display can show up to *12 digits (or 8 significant figures using scientific notation).
Note that "A" stands for "ten" and "B" for "eleven", so, for example, "a dozen and ten" is written "1A".

In addition to the normal keys for calculations (which can be accessed from the keyboard as well as by the mouse), and A and B for ten and eleven, we have:

Other keys:

Summary of key functions:

(note that letters may be caps or lowercase)

Numbers 0 - 9, a and b LogL
Fractionals; or .AntilogCtrl-L
Scientific notation^ or iSines
Change sign (+/-)_ or wArcsineCtrl-s
Equals= or EnterCosinec
++ or dArccosCtrl-c
Multiply* or xArctanCtrl-t
delete last inputbackspaceeCtrl-e
Clear allEscopen bracket( or k
Memory cleareclose bracket) or Ctrl-k
Memory recallrSwitch number basen
Memory -mSwitch angle systemf
Memory +p Switch hints on/offh

To copy or paste a value to or from the clipboard right click the mouse for pop-up menu over the display area.

You can download the calculator (zip file) here.